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Office of Strategic Planning Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OSPIRE) 

Welcome to the Office of Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, and Effectiveness (OSPIRE) at Shaw University. Whether you are interested in learning more about the University's strategic plan, developing strategic goals for your unit, or obtaining data about the University's students or faculty, contact OSPIRE today.  We offer a number of data and information  services.  Remember, a day without data is like a day without sunshine.  Let the sun shine, contact OSPIRE today.   


Primary Directive

To provide guidance in the timely collection, analysis, and dissemination of institutional related information.  

This includes providing information to support program planning, evaluation, improvement and compliance. 


The primary purpose of the Office of Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, and Effectiveness (OSPIRE) is to ensure that the processes and expected results that are outlined in Shaw University's mission statement and goals are planned for and evaluated in a regular and systematic process. More specifically, OSPIRE ensures that the University:  

  • Plans for the academic and support programs and anticipated student outcomes described in its mission statement and goals;  
  • Implements regular and systematic evaluative procedures that contribute to the improvement of its academic programs, support programs, and administrative processes, 
  • Documents the extent to which the institution attains the expected student competencies outlined in its mission statement and achieves its goals; and, 
  • Stakeholders are abreast of and participate in activities associated with maintaining compliance through its current accreditation agencies; and, with establishing new accredited academic programs and substantive changes for current programs.