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National Alumni Association  

The purpose of the National Alumni Association (NAA) is:

  1. to unite and promote fellowship among Shaw University alumni and friends; 
  2. to encourage individual financial support of Shaw University through annual giving; 
  3. to stimulate interest among potential students to attend Shaw University;
  4. to honor alumni who have given outstanding service; 
  5. to improve communications between chapters and individuals where no chapter exists;
  6. to encourage and promote new chapters; 
  7. to promote continuing growth and development of Alumni and 
  8. to sustain interest in the welfare of Shaw University.

Membership in NAA is $50 a year for regular membership; $1,000 for life membership. 

NAA sponsors an annual ALUMNI CONFAB (social/recreational/informational weekend); services to local alumni organization; Annual Student Scholarship; two annual meetings at Homecoming and Commencement; Reduced rate for Boyd Chapel weddings; University Library privileges; 1st option on CIAA tickets and accommodations and other Bear perks.

Your participation is needed to keep Shaw University a viable university for future generations.

To learn more about membership, please visit the website.

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