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WSHA Facilities

WSHA is unique in the Triangle community. It is the only station with a music format of jazz, blues, gospel, funk and world music programming. WSHA began broadcasting in 1968 as a 10 watt radio station, operating five hours a day with an all-student staff.

Today, WSHA digitally reaches a wide audience 24 hours / 365 days a year. The station operates at 50,000 watts from an antenna height of 500 ft. The antenna tower is installed and camouflaged in a way that blends into the natural settings and surrounding buildings without any adverse or visual impact to the landscape and environment. The antenna's signal extends over an 80 mile coverage area in some directions. On the web at wshafm.org, WSHA connects with 2.4 million online listeners every year.

23 Tower
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