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Official registration is required for each semester and summer session. Students must be officially registered in order to receive credit for a course(s). Therefore, the student must complete registration procedures, including satisfactory arrangement of payment for fees by cash, financial aid, or other means in accordance with University policy and procedures.

To register (add and drop course) login to Online Registration (Bears Portal) 
Step-by-Step Registration Instruction

A full-time student is one who is enrolled for at least 12 credit hours. A student enrolled for 18 or more hours must secure approval from the Department Chairperson and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Academic Advisement  

Students are assigned to a faculty advisor to ensure accurate advisement during matriculation. Faculty advisors are encouraged to meet with their student advisees at least twice per semester, either in person or electronically.

Students are required to complete a schedule of classes for the ensuing semester with their academic advisors. To ensure students meet with their advisor, their advisor must remove an advising hold in order for the student to be able to register for classes. The intent is to ensure that students receive good academic advisement, take courses in the correct sequence, and maintain approved course loads. Students who do not complete registration prior to the deadline are fined a late registration fee.

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Buckley Amendment 

The University policy for the administration of student educational records is in accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-380). Personally identifiable information contained in student educational records will not be disclosed to persons outside the University without the prior consent of the student, except in the case of certain exceptions detailed in the college’s FERPA policy.

Under this policy, the student also has the right of access to student educational records maintained by the University or any department within the University. A copy of the University policy dealing with the privacy of student educational records is maintained in the Office of Records and Registration.


Changes In Registration (Add/Drop/Withdrawal) 

Any change in a student's registration must have the official approval of the Director of Records and Registration, and the student's advisor. Changes in registration can normally occur only within the prescribed dates shown on the academic calendar. Exceptions must receive special permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A student may drop/add a course electronically, during the prescribed period. However, after the drop/add period, a student cannot change his/her schedule electronically. To change a schedule after the drop/add period, a student must obtain written approval through use of a registration transaction form. A student can only withdraw from a course after the drop/add period; they cannot add a course. If a student withdraws from a course, they will receive a grade of "W." A student cannot withdraw from all courses using this procedure. To withdraw from all courses a student must withdraw from the university using an official university withdrawal form.


Eligibility for Registration 

Eligibility for registration is determined by the following categories:

  • New Student - Upon receipt of a letter of admission, the new student is eligible for registration on the stated days of registration.
  • Re-admitted Student - A student previously registered in the University who was not registered during the preceding semester must apply for and be granted readmission by the appropriate office before being eligible for registration. Visit Readmission page
  • Continuing Student - A student registered in the immediately preceding semester or the summer session preceding the Fall semester is eligible to register, assuming good standing and enrollment in a continuing program.
  • Completion of Registration - Registration is not complete until financial obligations have been fulfilled. Attendance in class is not permitted until registration has been completed.


Interinstitutional Registration - Cooperating Raleigh Colleges (CRC)  

Interinstitutional registration among Cooperating Raleigh Colleges (CRC) must be approved by the faculty advisor, the Department Chair and the School Dean. The student is required to meet registration requirements and to follow procedures being used at Shaw University and the college to be visited. Credit for courses taken at CRC institutions is processed and posted for Shaw University students the same as for courses taken in residence. Official registration at the home institution is required for a student to be eligible to participate in the program. A student may enroll at a CRC for a course not offered at Shaw University.

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges 

Download Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Approval Form


Student Status 

For the purpose of defining student status, undergraduates taking 12 or more credit hours are considered to be full-time students. All other undergraduates are considered to be part-time. Graduate students must take 9 hours a semester to be considered full time.