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302 Martin Luther King Boulevard 
(on the corner of Person St. and Martin Luther King Blvd. next door to Lightner Funeral Home)


Center for Experiential Learning & Career Development

Student Testimonials

"I just want to thank the career center for helping me get an internship and the Shaw Baptist Headquarters. The career center really helped me step by step in every process such as putting together a resume when I didn't have one, helping me with the application, and even taking the time to make sure that everything was done right. The Career Center is really great for Shaw University, they teach you how to be professional if you are not and they even give seminars on how to dress professional. If it weren't for the Shaw University Career Center helping me get an internship, I would not have one, so I would like to thank Ms. Davis and Dr. Vaughn for everything that they did for me."

- Dwayne Seegars Jr.

"I want to thank Dr. Vaughn and Ms. Davis for all of their help at the Shaw Career Development Center. Thanks to them, I have successfully created a professional resume. They have also helped me obtain an intern job at the Baptist Headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Working at The Baptist headquarters is a great experience for me, I feel that I am developing my working skill a great deal. All of my employers are wonderful and they help me out so much, they are caring, and they are always ready to challenge me with work I have never done before. Ms. Davis and Dr. Vaughn, thank you so much for all of your help."

- Jeanette Heck

"I would like to express my thanks to you and your staff for helping me complete my resume. I found the tutorial to be informative and well worth the time. With your assistance, I now have a completed resume that will accelerate my career development. Again, I would like to express my appreciation to you and your staff  for your patience and generosity on today. I look forward to the career opportunities that are forth coming."

- Katrina Pollard

"The Shaw University Career Development Center has helped me this year by helping me obtain an internship with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, by increasing the potential of my resume, and by helping me understand the reality of obtaining a job in your field of study following college. Because of the Shaw University Career Development Center I am now more motivated than ever to clinch the job that will launch my career in my field of study. The Shaw University Career Development Center is truly a blessing and will continue to help students begin their amazing lives following Shaw University."

- William C. Collins 

"The Optimal Resume builder helped me by broadening my resume and making it look more  presentable. This program was a good tool for me to use to help me make a more professional resume. I plan to use this site from now on."

- Joshua Cozart