Shaw University 150

Thomas J. Boyd Chapel

Thomas J. Boyd Chapel Service - Every Sunday during the semester, Chapel Service will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Thomas Boyd Chapel.  


The Boyd Chapel at Shaw University was first dedicated on June 15, 1948. After World War II, the United States military had a surplus of wood framed "temporary" chapel buildings which were being made available to the civilian sector. Shaw University applied for one of these chapels and one was so designated. It came from Camp Sutton. 

In 1993, The Boyd Chapel was completely renovated. The renovation was made possible because of funds donated by Rev. Thomas J. Boyd for whom the chapel was subsequently names. The re-dedication of the chapel took place at a ceremony held in the chapel on November 21, 1993. 

The philosophy underlying religious life on Shaw's CAPE Satellites is that any education which proposes to equip students for wholesome living and efficient service must of necessity include religion. Shaw's philosophy purports that a well-developed personality can be achieved only by the cultivation and enhancement of all areas of an individual's life and that a religious environment for college students constitutes fertile soil for growth in the realm of spiritual aspirations.


A chief aim of Shaw University is to provide an educational setting where "Religion and learning go hand in hand and where character grows with knowledge." Therefore, the primary mission of Campus Ministry is to create an environment where the students' religious commitment can be enhanced and authenticated. The Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Quincy Scott, Jr., leads the planning, implementing and/or officiating at a variety of services and programs each week. Not withstanding Shaw's relationship to the Baptist denomination, all worship services and programs are ecumenical. Students are exposed to basic Christian doctrine, regular inquiry to the meaning of Holy Scripture, and issues confronting students at this stage of their development. 

The Rev. Henry Martin Tupper, founder of Shaw, did not distinguish between secular and Christian education. The Chapel continues to serve as an integrating force, offering a perspective which brings together academic, social and spiritual development.


Cultural and Spiritual Enrichment Seminars begin at 11:00 a.m., unless otherwise noted, in The Thomas J. Boyd Chapel.
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