Shaw University 150




“Shaw University … places strong emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences. Its [Shaw University’s Core Curriculum] aim is to develop students with scientific and inquiring minds, students who can solve problems, clarify values, communicate effectively, appreciate the arts, and function within social institutions.” The core curriculum is the general education foundation upon which all degree programs are built.  

Mission Statement  

The mission of the General Education (Core Curriculum) program is to provide students with a broad-based knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences, technological skills, and critical thinking skills. 

General Education Program Goals 

  • To ensure that students possess a breadth of knowledge and skills through integrated course work in various disciplines. 
  • To enhance students’ leadership skills, values related to personal and social responsibility. 

General Education Program Learning Outcomes 

Students will:

  • gain knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences
  • demonstrate skills in reading, writing, critical thinking and problem solving
  •  demonstrate basic technological knowledge and application skills
  • demonstrate information literacy and critical thinking
  • demonstrate knowledge of ethical responsibility
  • demonstrate leadership skills, and values including teamwork.    

General Education Requirements 

The General Education Core Curriculum consists of a minimum of 33 credit hours that includes at least one course from each of the following areas: humanities/fine arts; social/behavioral sciences; and natural science/mathematics.  Eight additional credit hours in skills based courses and one credit hour in either Freshman Studies or Introduction to Shaw University are required.

Principle Area 


Credit Hours 

Humanities and Fine Arts

ENG 111 English and Composition II
ENG 112 Composition and Argument
ENG 113 Composition and Research
HUM 200 Introduction to Humanities
HIS 115 Survey of World Civilizations
ETH 215 Cross-Cultural Ethics



Sub total 


Social and Behavioral Sciences

SSC 115 Introduction to Social Sciences



Sub total 


Natural Sciences and Mathematics

MAT 111 General Mathematics I
MAT 112 General Mathematics II
BIO 111 Introduction to Biological Sciences or BIO 211 General Biology (w lab)
PHY 112 Introduction to Physical Science

3 or 4



Sub total 

12 to 13





Total Principle Areas 

33 to 34

Other areas

CIS 101 Concepts of Computers or EDU 101 Educational Technology for Teachers
HPE 111 Personal Health and Safety
HPE 112 Fundamental Motor Skills
COM 210 Public Speaking
FRS 111/112 Freshman Studies I & II or OSU 111 Introduction to Shaw University




Sub total 



Grand Total 

42 or 43

* For students who enter Shaw University as First Time College Students
 **For Transfer Students Only

Specific general education course requirements vary for students majoring in allied health, education, business, mathematics, or natural sciences.  Enrollment in English composition and general mathematics courses is based on placement examination results.  If students place out of ENG 110, or Math 110, they will take higher level courses in English and Math.