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Department of Humanities

Department Purpose

The purposes of the Department of Humanities are:

  1. to provide instruction to all Shaw University students in reading and writing skills;
  2. to offer students, through the history and humanities courses, a knowledge of the past which should enable them to better understand the present world in order to prepare for the world of tomorrow;
  3. to contribute to the humanistic/ethical growth of students by providing them the cultural and historical backgrounds necessary for studying and appreciating the arts and transcendent human values;
  4. to provide students from different disciplines with liberal arts foundations, by strengthening their communication skills, enhancing their aesthetic and artistic awareness, clarifying their critical thinking and problem solving processes;
  5. to prepare students for graduate and professional studies by developing their written communication skills, sharpening their analytical and research skills, and fostering an understanding of diverse human constructs as represented in written literature;
  6. to foster an understanding of self so that students can learn to function as literate members of society and as productive professionals;
  7. to introduce English majors to literary theories so that they are prepared to step upon the theory-oriented landscape of graduate or professional school.