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Department of Allied Health Professions

Adaptive Physical Education: Kinesiotherapy

Kinesiotherapy is the application of scientifically based exercise principles adapted to enhance the strength, endurance, and mobility of individuals with functional limitations or those requiring extended physical conditioning.  A registered kinesiotherapist can administer treatment only upon receipt of a prescription from qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, and/or physicians’ assistants who are eligible to make such referrals.  The four-year program requires 1000 clock hours of clinical observations, practicum, and clinical internship.  The Kinesiotherapy Program enjoys accreditation and endorsement by the Commission of Accreditation and Allied Health Education Program (CAAHEP), the American Kinesiotherapy Association (AKTA), and the Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for Kinesiotherapy (CoA-KT). 

Students complete specific coursework within a rigorous curriculum in such areas as anatomy, chemistry, mathematics, physiology, and psychology.  The program offers students preparation for graduate work in athletic training, adapted physical education, adult or corporate fitness, and sports medicine.  Students planning to enter the job market with an undergraduate degree prepare for entry-level employment with cardiac rehabilitation programs, health and wellness programs, rehabilitation services in some Veterans’ Administration Hospitals, corporate and community fitness programs, health clubs, and similar fitness related industries.

Major Requirements for Adapted Physical Education: Kinesiotherapy   Credits 
HPE 216 Terminology for Allied Health Professions 2
HPE 113 Sports Technique and Motor Skills I 2
HPE 114 Sports Technique and Motor Skills II 2
HPE 214 Beginning Swimming 1
HPE 215 Intermediate Swimming 1
HPE 221 Introduction to HPER and Allied Health Professions 3
HPE 224 OR HPE 225 Folk, Sq., Clog/Modern Dance 2
HPE 244 Gymnastics (alternate years) 2
HPE 274 First Aid & Safety 2
HPE 285 Supervised Experience in Clinical Settings - I 1
HPE 373 Physiology of Exercise 3
HPE 373L Physiology of Exercise Lab 0
HPE 374 Kinesiology and Analysis of Human Movement 3
HPE 374L Kinesiology and Analysis of Human Movement Lab 0
HPE 375 Kinesiotherapy I 3
HPE 376 Therapeutic Exercise 3
HPE 385 Supervised Experience in Clinical Settings – II 1
HPE 424 Kinesiotherapy II 3
HPE 432 Organization and Administration of Physical Education 3
HPE 472 Tests and Measurements In Adapted. P.E., Rec., and KT 3
HPE 485 Supervised Experience in Clinical Settings - III 1
HPE 490 Methods of Teaching Allied Health Services 3
HPE 493 Clinical Internship in Kinesiotherapy 6 – 12
HPE 321 Motor Learning 3
HPE 423 Adapted Physical Education and Kinesiotherapy 3
BIO 493 Neuroanatomy 4
CHE 212 General Chemistry 4
BIO 371 Human Anatomy 4
BIO 372 Human Physiology 4
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 210 Human Development 3
PSY 304 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC 341 Social Psychology 3
Total Hours Required For Graduation   125